Wellness through Movement is a collaboration between Brad Schultz & Cheryl Whitelaw


We saw this membership site as a way to create another path into movement study to improve performance, to support health and to help people who are finding the impact of aging is changing how they move keep moving.





Brad leads martial arts, meditation and healing arts programs at his Abundant Peace Internal Arts School. He combines dynamic martial arts with personal wellness and empowerment. Internal arts cultivate the qualities of mind, energy and spirit to create renewable sources of power, stamina and health.


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Cheryl leads her company, Peace and Power Movement Services Inc. as a way to bring together the wisdom and benefits of movement practices she loves – Aikido, Tai Chi and Feldenkrais – to empower people to move and live fully, with kindness, peace and power. She provides personal coaching, classes and hands-on support to people so they can move more as they recover from injury, live with life-changing conditions like fibromyalgia and MS, and trauma. Her work combines martial arts, conflict resolution, Being-in-Movement ™, Integral Coaching ™ and Awareness through movement to support her clients to have the resources to meet the challenge of each moment. 


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