Wellness through Movement is a collaboration between Brad Schultz and Cheryl Whitelaw


We saw this membership site as a way to create another path into movement study to improve performance, to support health and to help people who are finding the impact of aging is changing how they move keep moving.


About Brad


Brad leads martial arts, meditation and healing arts programs at his Abundant Peace Internal Arts School. He combines dynamic martial arts with personal wellness and empowerment. Internal arts cultivate the qualities of mind, energy and spirit to create renewable sources of power, stamina and health.

Brad currently holds a 5th dan through the Aikido Schools of Ueshiba (ASU) organization. He began training karate and kickboxing in 1980 for several years before he desired to transcend his 'fighting mind'. His personal exploration led him to study both Aikido and Tai Chi as a way to enjoy the intensity of martial arts and to embody and integrate the benefits of his meditation practice in everyday life. With these arts, Brad walks an integrated path of personal body/mind refinement and spiritual cultivation. He's taught dojo and outreach classes to people from 5 to 95 years of age since 1987. 

Brad has developed his system and understanding based on his own practical experience of working with the internal arts over a period of 40+ years. Brad draws together principles and techniques that lead naturally to the cultivation and harmonization of the body, mind and consciousness for the express purpose of the integration of worldly physical energies with the spiritual universal domain.    

Brad is a quiet spoken man who has devoted his life to personal study of martial, meditation and healing arts. People who work with him describe him as showing up without a personal ego, with an incredible breadth and depth of knowledge and a willingness to engage with sincere questions, often creating learning experiences in the moment to help his students cultivate their own direct experience of knowing. He enjoys being out in nature, is an animal lover – you may hear his parrot calling if you talk with him online or on the phone, and watching movies. He has a great sense of humor.


Brad's story in his own words