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I am located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada so work with clients in this part of the world. With the support of the web, I have coached clients across Canada and globally from over 10 different countries.

What kind of impact can I expect from working with Cheryl?

Watch how we improved Bonnie's rolling in aikido in 10 functional integration sessions.

Watch how we improved Douglas’ sense of balance in 10 functional integration sessions. 



I did not really know what I wanted to gain from the coaching experience initially. I knew I wanted to live my best life, and evaluate my priorities and put in place strategies to help me keep on track with the goals I would identify as important. I believe the biggest gain was being provided with a platform, sounding board and process to reflect on what I needed. Cheryl pointed the flashlight in every corner of the room of self-reflection. I saw the big picture and then compartmentalized things so I could purge what I did not need and nurture and cherish the things I valued. I have lightened my load considerably and now have more focus and energy to continue my journey to be the best me I can be.



Engaging in a coaching practice allowed me to make more confident decisions in both my personal and professional life. Coaching forced me to reflect and make choices based on what I value and what makes me happy, rather than just going through the motions and accepting all challenges, projects and requests made of me.



The goal that we set was to support the integration of my whole self: mind, body, and heart. And we have accomplished that. This integration began in the first session, when I was able to locate myself in my body - my belly. And it was from this point that I began to own my own integrity, boundaries, feelings, needs. I began to understand my own sense of feminine in terms of my own boundaries, the shape I give my energy (circular), the grounding and shielding I can do with my energy, and the positive effect I can have on people. Each session, we peeled back another layer - because I was totally unaware that integration was a thing. I feel like I have awakened to the reality and possibility of my own integrated Self - I am just at the point of seeing her emerge - and she is me! And so, I didn’t know I wasn’t integrated. I wasn’t remotely aware of my body; I discovered how much I have supressed my emotions. I didn’t realize that I could communicate and interact with others in a way that not only supports who I am, but supports where others are coming from as well. I am learning to live into my own truth and to share that part of me with others. Cheryl has helped me realized that I do have a lot of feminine power, I do have strength and choice. I discovered that my energy, my strength, doesn't have to be reactive (hard-edged), but can be proactive and purposeful (softer) and it is grounded in my round belly. So, everything has changed for me. Taking this coaching with Cheryl has been life changing. I couldn’t have done this and come so far without Cheryl’s gentle, insightful guidance.


Our work was vital to my healing, and being able to take the next step in my life. What I feel like has been a “stepping out” again – out of the cocoon and back into the world. I would like to be able to send an email saying I have it all figured out now, but then I know that I will never have it all figured out, and that’s delightfully okay! The practices you designed for me, the caring with which you listened to me and the openness of your spirit…all incredible.



Somatic Coaching clients

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Fall mitigation has been my goal for the last 2 years. I haven’t made much progress with it. I do everything that people tell you to do, stay strong. But I still have issues with balance. We have addressed more in these few weeks in the class, than I have working the last couple of years with trainers and the walking process. You have to have balance when you’re moving. It is ok to work on balance when you are standing but that’s not when you fall. That was my goal.

I’ve learned what trips me up. I am learning to make that trip up less catastrophic. About half way through the series I fell while walking outside on some ice. Nothing I could do to keep from going down but I went down so softly. I had a really soft fall from something that could have been a much harder fall. I need to know when that happens, I will go down as lightly as possible.


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I am working through a medical diagnosis for a chronic condition. I feel uplifted and hopeful after working with Cheryl. She has this way of offering possible paths of relief while accepting my physical reality. Using a wine metaphor, I’d describe Cheryl as “hopeful with an aftertaste of pragmatism”. She respects my need to be in charge of my life and my abilities to handle the situation. Together we explore what might be possible. This is really helpful to me – it is easy to feel powerless, to believe my condition may only get worse. I may have what I have, but I feel like it doesn’t get to have me.


Somatic Coaching clients

I fell a few times catastrophically after having chemo. Working on my journey to regain the muscle mass and a lot of strength I lost at that time. I had been inches away from disasters a couple of times now. And I take people with me which is worse.

What I was surprised with – the outcome was different than the goal. My goal was to be better balanced. I met my goal – but that became almost secondary. I needed to be more aware of how I was moving. I became more aware of the fact that I need to become more aware. As we age and have co-morbidities and run into trouble, joint pain, medications – it becomes even more important. This has become for me, some me-time, an hour just to focus on learning to slow down and move properly. I didn’t realize how important the me-time was until I started investing in myself. If you’re going to fall, fall well.

Dawn, BN, Participant


Cheryl brilliantly fuses practical application with compassionate guidance, intuitive movement with verbal processing. Her sessions are fluid with the perfect amount of structure, offering freedom for the heart, clarity for the mind and affirmation of spirit. If you are looking for "it," but don't even know what that means, Cheryl will help you find your way.


Workshop Clients

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Cheryl’s session provided us with a nuanced exploration of the ways in which group and individual differences are experienced and conceptualized. With illuminating theory, responsive demonstrations from her aikido training, and active group exercises, this session worked on many levels. I think it will make a real different to how we deliver inclusive service to our community.

Dan, Library Director/Director of Learning Enhancement Projects

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At each coaching session, Cheryl provided exercises to make me more aware of my actions and responses. Heightened awareness over the course of a week or two, helped me to see the impact of my thinking and my behavior on others and on my life. With this new awareness, I am now in a better position to choose my approach and get the results I am seeking. Cheryl takes great care to develop metaphors for current and future state. I reread this many times over the course of our time together. This helped to keep me clear on desired outcomes and see the progress we had made along the way. I explored coaching because I wondered if my life was way off track and if I was not being true to myself. One of the unintended consequences of life coaching was that I grew to appreciate how many of the career decisions I had made were in integrity. Rather than reinventing myself, I simply had to fine tune a few things. Life coaching helped me to trust my ability to make good decisions.

Christina Misquitta, Union Representative