Attention: Wellness seekers who are still waiting for transformative change from their movement practice

Is this true for you?

• You have searched for and tried more than one practice.  

• You have cultivated a variety of knowledge, exercises and experience but you are not sure how to integrate everything you have into one path.  

• You keep going, hoping that the next teacher, the next practice will be the one that makes you feel complete, whole, who you believe you truly are.  

• Your practice is starting to wear out parts of you, your knee or shoulder joint.  Maybe you are starting to feel symptoms of arthritis after years of pursuing your movement practice.  

• You believe in long-term practice but your body is starting to call out for you to stop.



It wasn’t supposed to be like this


Over your life, your movement practice has taken you 
into a more meaningful, more authentic direction. 
One that held the promise of fulfillment. You know 
yourself more fully, your strengths and your shadow 
side as you meet yourself each time you are on your 
practice mat… 

But you might be wondering, “Is this it? 
Isn’t there some important way I should be changing? 
More I should be letting go?” 

Your practice sessions might give you a feeling of 
serenity, of energy, of potency and of peace… 

But then that feeling fades, and you are back to the you that feels anxious or angry or overcome with the challenges in your life and everything that doesn’t feel right in your world. 

You are drawn to teachers who promise personal transformation… 

but you find their ego and the power dynamics of the class land at a
far lower level of consciousness than what you signed up for. 

POISE is different. 

What POISE participants say

What POISE participants say

Meet Brad Schultz: 


Brad has been teaching martial arts (Aikido, Tai Chi, and Qi Gong), meditation, and the healing arts for over 25 years.  He is guided in his own path to combine martial arts study with personal wellness and empowerment.  He has used the internal technologies he is making available through POISE to cultivate the qualities of mind, energy and spirit that have created for him a personal wellspring of power, stamina and health.  He radiates a quality of equanimity, peace and kindness.  As a soft-spoken man, he is approachable, encouraging and patient in his guidance of students along a deeper, internal practice path.  Brad is committed to supporting his clients to actualize their potential mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Brad has a gift to create a learning environment that provides you with a direct experience of alignment, inner spaciousness, strength, and flow.  He draws both from western scientific knowledge and eastern martial and healing art traditions to provide practical and applicable practices without esoteric spiritual or cultural labels.  He welcomes concepts from other teaching traditions, grounding them into immediate experiences.   He does not deliver a traditional recipe to find your living intelligence; he gives you the ingredients so you can create an authentic, satisfying path to awaken and activate your living intelligence for yourself. 


The Power of POISE

In one month with POISE, you will learn practical strategies that will help you begin to: 

  • Regulate and quiet your mental and emotional energies. 

In six months, you will have portable practices that you can bring into any practice and into every day movement to:

  • Feel more energy throughout and at the end of your day

  • Reclaim your personal sense of wellness and wholeness when you feel overwhelmed with what is happening in your life or inside of your mind and heart.

  • Reverse habits of contraction, tension and concretization that leave you feeling stiff, tight and wound up.

In 1 year, you will have the internal technologies that enable you to:

  • Feel a natural vibrancy and buoyancy as you integrate energy and structural connections within yourself.

  • Turn any and every activity into a generator that directly builds and maintains your energy reserves and resilience, rather than crashing at the end of the day.... imagine going through your day cultivating internal power and support, rather than being depleted as the day wears on. 

In 3 years you will increasingly touch the living intelligence within you; once it is “Tapped”, what is inherently within and waiting to be sourced will become a conduit for your awakened intrinsic strength, vitality and buoyancy. 

Acting in alignment with the living intelligence within you, you will:

  • Be less reactive and more responsive to unexpected events,

  • Feel a sense of sufficiency in yourself.  When you feel sufficiency, you own the power and presence of your existing, inner resources. You can use your attention and intention to expand and grow your internal assets.

  • Break through layers of mental, emotional and physical unconscious habits that create a denseness of being, dampening your vital flow of energy.  Using the physical and energetic processes you will learn through POISE, your inner strength and buoyancy will be awakened and activated. 

Feeling stuck in your practice?


Listen to Cheryl's story about getting stuck in her meditation practice and how POISE helped her find the deeper practice she was looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Why is POISE an ongoing program?  I should be able to “get” this in a few weeks or a few months.

Our approach uses awareness and focused practices to change your physical tissues; Brad shows you how to go beyond intellectual concepts to cultivate real transformation in power, structure, alignment and energy flow.  To tap these treasures you need to first prepare and open your body and strengthen your awareness and intention as tools of your mind.

There is no hack, or fast track in this process; This change is at the cellular level to truly access and benefit from the living intelligence of an integrated mind, heart, body and spirit.


2. My current practice is all I need, why should I try something else?

If you are completely satisfied by your current practice, you don’t need something else.  Often we see people practicing the outer form of their art, whether it is yoga or martial arts.  But the internal content of their practice is empty.  Doing a movement practice will change you to a certain extent; often practitioners’ plateau and are not able to reap the rewards of deeper practice without guidance to the internal content of their chosen practice.  Often their teacher doesn’t have access to this internal content, largely because it takes decades to cultivate it and ongoing study to learn how to teach it to others.

3. I already have a teacher I follow, why should I join POISE?  

Brad has studied these arts for most of his life, starting early as a meditator, training multiple external martial arts and shifting to study internal martial arts.  He has committed his own body, mind and spirit to the transformative outcomes he teaches to others. 

The proof is in his being – at an age when many people are losing physical and mental capabilities, he is a supple, potent and subtle practitioner of the martial and healing arts he practices.  He brings an authentic perspective of a lifelong practice path and shares it in relatable ways to his students.


4. I am getting older - there is nothing I can do to stop the aging process.  Why would this program help?

Current neuroscience points to clear scientific evidence that regular, ongoing movement practice can physically de-age you while preventing and treating fragility and supporting greater mobility and independence.  

The POISE program supports both physical healing and brain health.  POISE brings together movement arts that integrate mind and body, supporting joint health, opening tight muscles and connective tissue as well as supporting brain health and performance.   

In POISE you are challenged to learn and be curious about your own practice, contributing to higher cognitive reserves and resilience to keep you young in mind as well as body. 


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